About Quantum Leap Capital

Quantum Leap Capital provides customized strategies to help you achieve your financial goals. It’s as simple as that. We listen to your concerns and objectives. Then we assess your complete financial picture and offer specific advice to help you truly understand your options and minimize unnecessary erosion of your resources.

What we care about

Our Values

We seek to minimize unnecessary transfers of wealth for our clients, help them understand how money really works, and how to make theirs work more efficiently for them.


We follow a fiduciary standard, which means we put your interests above our own. No matter what.


If we don’t see how engaging us will be valuable to you, we’ll tell you. Then we’ll tell you if, when, and how engaging us in the future might be.


Financial institutions obfuscate cost and risk to overwhelm consumers and exploit a lack of understanding. We strive to educate our clients and explain everything in plain English.

Equality and Mutual Respect

Our compensation structure is uniquely designed and specifically intended to enable us to provide a scope of advice and service most would never even hear about otherwise.  You don’t need a six figure brokerage account to talk with us and we want to hear your story.

Our Commitment to You

We listen to your concerns and goals. We look for unnecessary taxes and fees that you are paying. Then we assess your complete financial picture and offer specific advice to help you understand your options.

Our Process

We tailor our services to your needs. We take great pride in understanding your complete financial picture before making recommendations. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we have a fiduciary responsibility to put your needs before ours.


Our process begins with a simple conversation. What are your goals? What are your concerns? How do you currently make your financial decisions? Through this conversation, we’ll identify the strengths and weaknesses in your financial life.


In every financial decision, there are trade-offs, costs, and risks. We arm you with information and objectively help you weigh the pros and cons of each with your goals in mind. We’ll explain in understandable terms what you’re paying, and what you’re getting for it.


Once we’ve helped you understand the choices you have to make, we offer guidance. Our recommendations are meant to increase the efficiency of your resources and your financial flexibility.


Change is the only constant. Our service model is built on process, not transactions, and communication is key to maintaining forward momentum. We are always available to answer questions, but typically we do a check-in every three months to reassess and adjust the strategy as needed.

Our Fee Structure

Cost counts! There’s a lot of confusion about what “fee only” means. Fee only includes advisors that charge a percentage of what you keep in your brokerage account. When an advisor’s compensation is based on the brokerage account, guess what the center of the relationship will be. That’s right, the brokerage account. This leaves all the other areas of planning untended. But those other areas are where the real value in working with an advisor lies! Investment related fees and expenses are one of the eroding factors that can undermine an investment strategy.


If you’re paying 1% in investment management fees, you are paying too much!


Managed money is a losing proposition, for investors. If any manager could really beat their benchmark index consistently, we’d all give that manager our money. If anyone could beat the market, there would be no market.

We do not charge asset-based fees for investment advice and implementation. Most other advisors do.



  • ✓ Provides assurance our advice is objective.
  • ✓ Allows you to implement our advice through us or anywhere else.
  • ✓ Is unavoidable. Most people have no idea what they pay their advisers.
  • ✓ Provides great incentive for us to maintain continuous communication and service.
  • ✓ Engenders long term relationships and facilitates ongoing planning.
  • ✓ Pays for itself, or we won’t ask you to pay it.

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We are based in Vermont but have clients all across the country. We currently serve clients in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Florida.


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Quantum Leap Capital is an independent Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Vermont.

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