Independence Day

I love the Fourth of July. I have great memories of being at my grandparents’ house in the Bronx on the fourth in 1976, where almost everything was painted red, white, and blue, and of being in Montauk in other years where this weekend was the true beginning of summer. As we approach our nation’s birthday, I thought I’d write about what independence means to me.

I’ve read a lot about the American Revolution and the birth of our country. I’ve also just read a book about a period where many developing nations sought to cast off the yoke of western imperialism (including American imperialism), and against all odds succeeded in doing so. Some of those countries have struggled for decades to maintain their independence and peace within their own borders, but they don’t give up. The will to control their destiny is elemental and undeniable.

Declaring my independence was nothing like what the people of these countries go through, but it hasn’t been easy, either. It’s been two and a half years since I left behind my life as a registered representative of a broker dealer and formed this independent firm. There was no guidebook or Sherpa so all I could do was learn as I went. There were decisions I’d have made differently had I known what I know now, and there are still plenty of challenges ahead, but I’m still happier professionally than I’ve ever been in the twenty plus years I’ve been doing this.

I can point to the day when I knew I wanted to be independent of the financial institutions. My mission is to help others understand how they can become independent of them as well.

Have a safe and Happy Independence Day.