Getting Started


We tailor our services to your needs. We take great pride in understanding your complete financial picture before making recommendations. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we have a fiduciary responsibility to put your needs before ours.


process-reviewI. Analyze

Our process begins with a simple conversation. What are your goals? What are your concerns? How do you currently make your financial decisions? Answers to these questions and more will help us serve you more effectively. Visit us in South Burlington, Vermont or contact us.

Through this conversation, we’ll identify the strengths and weaknesses in your financial life.  We’ll determine where you’re unnecessarily transferring money to the financial institutions in the areas of taxation, interest on debt, investment and banking-related fees, inefficient or inadequate insurance coverage, market volatility, inflation, and planned obsolescence.

Having gained all this insight, we can present you with options to reduce these transfers of your money, increase efficiency, and improve your current position and odds of success in the future.


process-explainII. Explain

In every financial decision, there are trade-offs, costs, and risks. We arm you with information and objectively help you weigh the pros and cons of each with your goals in mind.

In this step, we’ll lay out the options you have to improve your long term odds of success by minimizing the transfers of your money to the institutions.  Most in our industry either skip this step or emphasize their selling points and read through the trade-offs like the disclosures at the end of car commercials. At Quantum Leap Capital, we’ll make sure you understand every aspect of each option.

Once we’re certain you understand the pros and cons of each choice, we’ll make recommendations.


process-recommendIII. Recommend

Once we’ve helped you understand the choices you have to make, we offer our guidance. Our recommendations are meant to increase the efficiency of your resources and your financial flexibility. Much of the industry’s conventional wisdom gives little or no consideration to these critical characteristics and we’ve seen many suffer great losses as a result.


process-iconsIV. Review

Change is the only constant.  The process begins anew each year, or when your personal financial situation changes. Our service model is built on process, not transactions, and communication is key to maintaining forward momentum. Engaging you in the process of reviewing all of your financial circumstances as a collective unit on an ongoing basis is of significant value in itself.

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